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  • Cleveland Wrap prides itself on using the highest QUALITY materials. highest level of DESIGN and CRAFTSMANSHIP possible. We transform everyday objects and vehicles into a unique everyday luxury, novelty, or advertising machine. 


  • Car Wrap Pricing involves several factors, including the vehicle type or object, paint color, paint or surface condition, & material choice. At Cleveland Wrap we offer FREE ESTIMATES so please reach out today to get an idea on your project estimate! Usually a simple phone call is all it takes. 


  • Wraps on vehicles have an OPTIMAL LIFE span of 3-5 years when using a high quality material. Printed and Laminated wraps have a slightly longer lifespan typically due to the extra thickness and lamination layer. Wraps can last 8-10 years and beyond, but that is not typical.
  • Manufacturers of vinyl wrap will often provide a specific MATERIAL WARRANTY and recommended period of removal for each type of vinyl. Usually a standard gloss finish vinyl will have the longest warranty, followed by a satin, matte, metallic, and textured film choice. 
  • Metallic films are more conductive to RADIANT HEAT from the sun which causes the vinyl to break down faster than a non metallic product.
  • Matte / Textured surface films such as carbon fiber or brushed films have higher SURFACE AREA and are more subject to UV and dirt buildup the more textured the film the greater the effect.
  • Lamination for custom PRINTED WRAPS also comes in different finishes, thicknesses, and textures which gives it different material properties and will carry a different warranty.
  • EXPOSURE TO UV  causes vinyl to degrade more quickly. Which is why each material will also be warrantied in a Horizontal (lots of sun exposure) and Vertical (Less Sun Exposure) Application.


  • The best way to take care of your wrap and increase its life to KEEP IT CLEAN.  Generally it is safe to drive a wrapped vehicle through a car wash or self wash station with standard soaps and water. There is no need to wax the surface, it may build up around edges of cut vinyl and appear white but otherwise will not harm the wrap.
  • Using a simple to apply AFTERCARE PRODUCT will also help to repel dirt and make it easier to maintain a clean finish. This can be sprayed on and wiped with a soft cloth and takes only a few minutes once or twice a month. These products generally add to the life of the wrap when used regularly.


  • When you inquire with Cleveland Wrap on your custom designed wrap, the first step will be to talk with our DESIGN TEAM. We will determine the object, vehicle, or space you would like to transform, and go over options with you about the general concept.
  • Once we have established a concept, and a budget,  we can explore options and will provide a SAMPLE PROOF for you to look at. This will require sending photos to our design team, as well as possibly bringing the vehicle to our location to measure and photograph, or having us perform a site survey where we can look at your job up close.
  • After you have reviewed the sample proof, we can talk about the different options and budget range to see what is the best option to bring your vision to life. In order to proceed we would then COLLECT A DEPOSIT to complete whatever design changes are necessary and secure a spot in our queue.
  • We will continue to make changes to the proof until you have reached satisfaction and will then get you to formally APPROVE THE PROOF. Depending on the project, materials, and printing costs , we may require an additional deposit amount in order to move your job to scheduled status from the queue.
  • The typical vehicle will take DAYS TO INSTALL, but depending on prep requirements, size, design, and amount of coverage, these times may vary.


  • Unfortunately, this is not possible. Here are the reasons why:
  • “Good Wrap” must be applied with expertise to avoid premature failure or damage and provide a long quality lifespan. 
  • “Cheap Wrap” Is usually done by a hobbyist or inexperienced company, and can lead to poor quality, cut marks in the vehicle, and material peeling, bubbling, and lifting.
  • “Good Wrap” is done using high quality material that can be cleanly removed without damage to the original paint or leaving tons of adhesive residue down the road.
  • “Cheap Wrap” can be put on with low quality or imported material that can be extremely hard to remove, not carry a material warranty, and damage your vehicle upon removal.
  • “Good Wrap” must be done in a clean, climate controlled, secured facility.
  • “Cheap Wrap” can be installed in dark dirty garage, or unsecured parking lot, leading to lower quality and more visible dirt under the film.
  • “Good Wrap” is executed by a company who is passionate about the art of wrapping. Has employees that have extensively studied the process with experts from around the world. Is properly registered, carries insurance, pays its employees appropriately, and provides excellent reputation and customer service.
  • A “Cheap Wrap” can be executed by a company that is not on record, does not have an address, carries no insurance, provides poor service, outsources cheap labor, and can not afford to stand by their own work.
  • A “Good Wrap” will be designed by someone with a background in the arts, who studies trends in modern art, fashion, industrial design, and can communicate ideas effectively for their customer.
  • “Cheap Wrap” will steal their design ideas from other companies, use cheap clip art or outsource the entire process to whoever will charge the least. Their designs may not effectively communicate your self expression or vision for your company branding.