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Is it Cheaper to Wrap or Paint a Car?

Paint or Wrap? The Ultimate Showdown to Upgrade Your Car’s Look (and Save Your Wallet!) Thinking about giving your car a fresh new look? Whether you’re dreaming of a vibrant color change, a sleek matte finish, or a head-turning custom design, the choice between paint and vinyl wraps can be a tough one. But fear […]

How Long Does a Vehicle Wrap Last

Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to transform your car, truck, or van into a rolling advertisement, a personal statement, or simply give it a fresh new look. But a big question looms for many: How long can I expect this wrap to last? Everything You Need to Know About A Vehicle Wrap Lifespan The […]

Cleveland Wrap is Moving!

We are excited to announce that our little Wrap shop…isn’t so little anymore! So we need more space, which we will now have plenty of in the new space. Since our shop has opened we have worked out of our large garage that was converted to handle vehicle wraps. Now we have grown and need […]